Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the brink of an epic meltdown


See my mind has this coping mechanism, when things are too stressful, I just block them out. Literally, just gone. "What do you mean you told me a month ago, I have no recollection of any such conversation!"

For example. It was brought to my attention today, that come next week, I'm looking at either taking a significant pay cut, or losing my job altogether. Oh yeah, because I can just barely scrape by at the moment, of course LESS money will be fantastic.

And lets not forget the impending deadline. I have 3 months before I have nowhere to keep my horses unless we get a property in time. Know what that means if we don't find somewhere? That's right. I'd have to sell them. Coz I already lose Jace for 4 weeks at a time, have no money, have shit neighbours and a lot of crap people in my life. Why not take away the horses who are the only thing making me get out of bed while Jace is away.

Seriously. So. Fucking. Over. Stress.

I apologise profusely for the depressing tone of this post, I need to vent. Now I'm going to go curl up somewhere and lose my mind. Thanks for listening.

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