Monday, May 31, 2010

It's the little things that make me smile most...

So I figured everybody else was doing this blogging thing and I need a place to write down all of my ramblings. Here I am. I caved.

I'm currently in rather a large amount of pain. My tooth broke you see. It's not the first time, however it IS the first time it has broken on the tongue side, not the cheek side. Unfortunately it is now so damn sharp that I can't eat, drink or speak without cutting my tongue up. Good times, right?

Anyway, in sitting here trying to diffuse my growing boredom I got thinking about the little things over the last week or two that have brought a smile to my face, no matter how fleeting it was. Of course I can't remember all of them, but there a few that stick out in my mind.

Top of the list is without a doubt, the unexpected text from my boyfriend, Jace. Unprovoked, late at night and generally when I need them most, he'll sometimes send me the sweetest things. And when I open the message, I just can't control the goofy grin that spreads across my face. He works away, 4 weeks at a time. And sometimes its unbearable to be away from him. Those are the moments that my phone tends to beep and I receive a simple text that tells me that it is all worth while.

The next thing on the list would be the horses. I can be having such a bad day, but pulling up out at their paddock and seeing them dotted across the paddocks and yards always manages to put a smile on my face. The little greetings I get from each of them are so special. They let me know that I'm doing it right. Take for example my little pony Nippa. He is such a sweet little thing, but he does not trust easily. In the time he has been with me the poor thing has been through a lot. Not the least of which was cutting his tail off and the resulting 4 weeks of injection and poking and prodding. Having that little pony finally have the trust in me to stick his head over the fence and nicker when I arrive honestly makes me so proud.

Then there's Romance, my darling little pregnant mare. She sees me arrive and begins to nod her head furiously at me until I wander over to her yard. Sure, part of that is because she sees me as the food bringer now, but it's still a moment regardless.

And Rex. My sweet, gentle soul. He's the biggest horse in the paddock and the softest of the lot. He'll wander over while I'm waiting for the trough to fill and nudge me, as if to say "Hi, Mum, love me now?" He knows I'll protect him from all the other horses who chase him if he gets to close to them.

And even the scary things, like having Trojan squeal and rear when he's in a hurry to get back to his buddies. Having the courage to growl and pull him back down when his hooves are flashing above my head. It's moments like that which reassure me that I do in fact know what I'm doing.

I suppose I went on a bit of a tangent with this first post. I would say that it won't happen again, but chances are it will. After all, this will be my place to spill the thoughts as they pop in to my head. Maybe people will read it, maybe they won't. Either way, it gives me something to reflect on.