Thursday, June 24, 2010

All Good Things Must Come To An End

And unfortunately, that includes the absolutely amazing 2 weeks that I got to have Jace at home for. He flew out this morning for another 4 week stint away. Seriously, whoever invented Fly In - Fly Out jobs needs to lose some important body parts. I just settle in to having my man home and he gets taken away all over again. I still cry everytime he leaves. Not to sound like a tantrum throwing child or anything, but, ITS NOT FAIR!!

I am, however, quite excited about the turn things have taken in the last 2 weeks. We are now officially on the hunt for our very own property. Not a rental like was originally planned. Nope. The whole she-bang. We are going to buy our very own slice of rural life, build a house and finally have my horses in the backyard! Woot!! We found a beautiful place, not far from where we live now that was already set up for horses, but unfortunately the asking price just for the land was more than the bank was willing to give us. Sad face. All hope is not lost though as we have found some massive lots quite cheap, meaning we could buy, build and have money left over to set it up for my horsies. Happy face.

On a completely bizarre random note, I have also informed Jace that when we have said property, I want a donkey and a goat as pets. I seriously think they are just the cutest things ever and I mean really who wants a "garden" anyway. I'm sure as hell not gunna look after it. I'm gunna let my damn goat eat it! This, however, means that we will probably have to look in to starting a zoo. Seeing as we already have 3 dogs and 8 horses. Add to that the donkey and the goat, the farm dog that I have promised Jace he can have when we have a property and the cat we both really want, but aren't allowed to have while renting. That puts us with a grand total of 15 animals under our care. Uh oh. Can you say menagerie?

Seeing as the world does not in fact revolve around me and my life (unfortunately, I'm sure that would make some things far easier!), I should perhaps mention that I am aware that a quite significant event occurred in my country today. Of course I am talking about Kevin Rudd's less than dignified ousting from parliament and his being replace by the country's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. I may be absolutely flamed for this, but I personally say Good Fucking Riddance to Mister Rudd. I'm interested to see what Gillard can do. And I am much happier with this outcome, than letting Rudd flounder some more in office waiting for the next election.

Hmmm, that was the first semi-important topic this blog has touched on. There could be hope for me yet I guess. Although this next statement will probably ruin some of that. So I will whisper/yell it.  ECLIPSE COMES OUT IN 7 DAYS!! See by whisper/yell I meant that I would make you strain to read it by making it small, but then make your brain want to cover its little ears when it found the caps! Although unfortunately, upon previewing this blog I discovered that font size "smallest" is in fact not really all that small. But really. I'm excited.

Anywhosit. I'm quite tired and I do in fact have to work tomorrow, so I might bail out for now. Going to curl up in my cold, Jaceless bed with my dogs and my donkey (not a real one! I may have possibly forced my mother in to buying me a decent sized stuffed toy of donkey from Shrek today. He will be my Jace while Jace is away. Not like that you sick fuck.)

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