Thursday, June 17, 2010

I didn't forget you...

I was just basking in the glory of having my boyfriend at home! Seriously. That good. AND I have a whole nother week of it too! YEAH!

Now that that's off my chest lets see if I can turn this in to a blog worth reading. No promises, I'm pretty distracted right now. Not really sure why, just scatter brained.

Any who. I haven't done a whole lot of much lately, just basking as I said above. I've been to work, I've fed my horses, I've discovered proud flesh on my Rexy's leg. Stupid horse. Got himself kicked in the leg! So now I am engaged in a desperate struggle to keep it clean and slathered in antibacterial stuff, because thanks to the wonders of accident and illness prone horses, I REALLY can not afford any more vet bills.

Yeah, my horses like to cost me money. Lots and lots of money. You wanna know how? Try this on for size. My beautiful little pony Nippa. He managed to cut the dock of his tail (the bit that is actually bone and muscle and veins, not just hair). I had the vet out and he said it didn't look too bad, keep it clean and put him through a course of antibiotics. So that's what I did. Halfway through his antibiotics, I go out there and ya wanna know what I found? His tail. On the ground. Completely detached from his body. Awesome. The cut actually severed a pretty important artery. No blood flow to the bottom of his dock = dead dock. It fell off. Not pretty, incredibly distressing and $300.00 vet bill.

Then of course there is my big beautiful thoroughbred Hugo. He decided that right in the middle of the Nippa's tail drama was the perfect time to go down with colic. Not just mildly upset tummy colic either. Full blown, impacted gut, life threatening colic. Having the vet come out and shake his head and say "it's really bad" was so heart wrenching and being confronted with the possibility of losing a horse that I had fought to get a hold of in the first place was so painful, I can't even put it in to words. Spent that night out the paddock keeping him moving, trying to get everything moving through his system again until eventually, 4 days later and another vet visit he got the ok to rejoin his paddock buddies. Not without damage though, he lost so much weight over those 5 days, he's only just now starting to round out again. Thank god for Jace and my mum. I never would have got through the whole ordeal without them. And at the end of it, a $500 vet bill.

On a completely different note. Grace is home too! YAY! She's such a crazy kid. The complete opposite of me in many ways, but the perfect match when I need to have a bit of a spastic moment. We've already had some great times and she's only been home 2 weeks.

Anyway, I think I am done rambling for now, although I will leave you again with photos of the horses mentioned in this post.

Poor Rex's leg

Beautiful Hugo, just after his ordeal

Hugo now

Nippa and his stumpy tail


  1. Umm...I'm sorry, but I can't stop giggling at Hugo...out and about...

    I'm sorry! I know I'm extremely immature


  2. I feel sorry for the poor bastard coz he looks, quite, um, small, in that photo hahahaha